Troubleshooting Tips For Cable

Any type of converter box your tv must remain on channel 3 at all times!

The MUTE button might have been pressed.  Press MUTE on the remote to restore volume

The SAP feature on your remote is on.  Press SAP button on remote control to restore

Make sure TV is on Channel 3, all connections are secure.  If moved TV make sure cable wire where moved to is active.  If TV has picture without converter box, make sure box is hooked up correctly.  If everything is correct, contact our office

Make sure power cord is plugged in.  Make sure that power cord is not connected to switch controlled by light switch on wall.

Check and change batteries.  Make sure no obstruction between you and TV/Converter.  On remote, press CBL on remote.  The CBL: button will light up when other buttons are pressed.

Troubleshooting Tips For Internet

Make sure PC is plugged into working power.

Make sure the Cat5 internet cable is plugged in firmly to the PC or router.

If using wireless router you need to bypass router and hook directly into computer Make sure cable line connected tightly and contact Tech Support to change the MAC address.

Troubleshooting Tips For Phone

Make sure the phone is plugged in firmly.  Loose connectors can cause static.
Try hooking up different phones.  Wireless headsets are susceptible to terrestrial interference.

Phone(s) in house maybe off the hook.
Cordless phone could need to be recharged due to not hanging up properly.